Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting our "Soup on" here

I have been making soups and bread from scratch and I'm so happy with how they are turning out! Our family favorite was the clam chowder and monkey bread! Yum~must be fall!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kinley's Spotlight

Old King Cole

So There!

McCoy and his aunt Kelsey were having a great time.

He is so fun right now. He is learning something new everyday and making us all giggle. His personality is really emerging. He has been spitting for a while now, but we think it is funny when he does it right back at us.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yeah! McCoy Started Crawling Last Night

At bedtime I was tucking the girls in and we looked down and he was crawling! The girls and I started to clap, and he thought he was pretty cool. He is a few days shy of 10 months so I'm glad that I won't need to be packing him around the house as much any more. This is about the same age that both of the girls started crawling also. He has been doing backwards stuff and some scooting, or putting his hands down and standing with his legs, so his bum is in the air, but today was the first day that the forward crawling motion came. I will need to re baby proof the house now! This milestone came right on the hills of him learning to wave bye bye. It's pretty cute. I just can't get him to do it on cue yet, when I have the camera, but hopefully soon I will have a picture of that also. O, and the other day (about 9 months old) he looked at me and said Mama. Chad was holding him, so he is my witness. I have been determined to help him say mama as his first word, since Dada was Mailee's and Doggy was Kinley (really I had to come after the dog, really?) Anyway, it worked, me saying Mama to him all day everyday payed off :)No Daddy, that's not a baby doll that I'm crawling to...
... or batteries!
(Chad was out of town this week end so he wasn't here to see this, so I'm glad I got some pictures)
Mom, really... could you shut off the flash!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where does time go?

I had gotten so behind and so I have spent some time today entering a lot of post's that should have happened over the past 2 1/2 months. So if any one wants to check out the older posts there are many new ones there now. I just like to keep the events in chronological order. It has been fun to spend some time blogging again. Also, thanks for all of the comments our friends and family leave, that is one of my favorite parts.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Papa Jeff and Grandma Lu came to town

The girls got to have a sleepover in Grandpa's motor home... Well not so much a motor home, as it is a 5 star hotel on wheels, or a superstar bus. But they had a great time. Their Papa Jeff is a fabulous cook, so they had a yummy breakfast, played with the two dogs, and Lu got them ready for the day. (So let's say it's her fault that Kinley is in her gymnastics outfit and pink cowgirl boots.) No, I'm kidding, that's got Kinley written all over it, and Lu is just such a sweet grandma that she goes along with it. Thanks for the fun time Grandpa and Grandma, we love getting to see you.
I'm... pretty sure the girls found a place to sleep in there...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


McCoy is sleeping so much better. He now sleeps all night! Every once in a while he will wake once or twice, but I can handle that a lot better than 5 times every night. I am a much happier mama.

Christmas lights. Sorry I didn't get a picture posted of the finished project. We didn't get to complete the whole project this year. Not enough time, and lots of snow. Hopefully next year.